Parents curse Headmaster of Abuakwa State College as School dismisses 45 SHS 2 students for possessing lethal weapons

The governing council Abuakwa State College, a Senior High School in the Eastern Region of Ghana has sacked some students indefinitely for misconduct.

The students numbering 45 were suspended indefinitely by school authorities for having in their possession weapons and also organising gang meetings in the school.

The suspension letter given to the students to be given to their parents indicates that they’ve been suspended forming an “unauthorized group with hidden agenda resulting into rival conflicts amounting to gangsterism”.

Another reason stated in the letter is “organizing gang meetings in the school without approval”, “possession of lethal weapons in the school and fighting with lethal weapons”.

In a video obtained by, some aggrieved parents who couldn’t come to terms with the punishment meted to their wards stormed the school’s premises to rain curses on the Headmaster for taking strict action against the students.

They could be heard screaming “they will suffer.. they will beg to eat.. headmaster you also have children”



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