Robbers leave apology letter after emptying lady’s house while sleeping


A lady has narrated her ordeal on how she was robbed without making a blink to see the robbers emptying her house.

The lady took to popular micro blogging site, Twitter to give details to how everything happened as she likened it to the stuff that only happiness in Nollywood movies.

According to the lady, they robbed her house while she was still at sleep and didn’t notice anything and her dog didn’t even bark for her to at least get a heads up.

She however revealed that the robbers were compassionate as they dropped an apology letter to her and wished her more progress.

In her words, ”
So the things that happens in African Magic happened to me Last night.

I was robbed, I woke up to everything being taken away, like my house is so empty and I was still sleeping whist this was going on.
Even the dog didn’t bark.

They even dropped a note.

The note read ;

“Am so sorry, more progress”


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