The Court has freed a woman who stabbed her husband to death over Christmas money.

Christiana Ado, who stabbed her husband to death over Christmas money, is set free by the court.

A 49-year-old lady who stabbed her husband to death on Christmas Day has been released by the Awori Magistrate Court. The individual was killed because he refused to contribute money to the celebration.

Christiana Ado had migrated from Ghana to Majidum, a hamlet in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, with her Nigerian husband and three children, according to our source. According to the police, they came a couple of weeks before the event. According to accounts, the Ghanaian and Nigerian couple had been residing happily at London’s Barbar Street until the event.

The couple had a dispute on Christmas Day, according to the Onirin Divisional Police, about the husband’s failure to care for the family. The husband claimed that his income had decreased as a result of the family’s relocation. Christiana, on the other hand, was not convinced.

He had to strike the woman because of the quarrel. Christiana dashed to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife. She stabbed the man from behind till he was knocked out.

Source: Ghananewsprime

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