The Ministry of Education refutes allegations that the SHS will be extended to six years.


The Ministry of Education has come out to clarify the statement made by the Minister, Hon. Osei Adutwum that Senior Secondary Education will be moving to six years.

Recall the Minister of Education during a press conference in Accra on 15th December said the duration of Senior Secondary Education will be increased to six years starting from 2023.

Following the press statement, some part of the media misinformed the public that Senior High School (SHS) education would be increased and attributed it to the Education Minister.

Well, the Ministry of Education Public Relations Officer, Kwesi Kwarteng has debunked the viral reports that SHS duration is going to be increased to six years saying it’s not in the plans of the ministry.

The statement reads, “Re: SHS education to move to 6yrs.

The Minister only spoke about strengthening the existing 6 year secondary school system(based on the 1987 Educational Reform; of 3 years of JHS and 3 years SHS) by resourcing the neglected lower secondary (JHS) so that after 3 years of JHS and 3 years of SHS, secondary school graduates will have an experience of a true 6-year secondary school system introduced by the 1987 education reform.

We should be mindful not to confuse Secondary Education with Senior High Education.

At no point did the Minister say in yesterday’s press forum that SHS was to move from the current 3yrs to 6yrs.

With the crucial role of the media in shaping public discourse & national conversation it is important for the media to be factual & responsible in their reportage.”


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