The TM1 teacher laptops lawsuit is dismissed, and the Teachers Unions are fined 15,000 GHC.


It has been in the news for some time now about the purchase of laptops for teachers in Ghana. The initiative was called 1-teacher-1 laptop.

Many concerns that were coming from the teachers was that the company that was given the contract was unknown and also, they doubted the quality. The price (1,500ghc plus) of the laptop too was something that they were not comfortable with.

And during the court hearing on Thursday, December 23, 2021, the lawyers of K.A technology moved for a motion for the court to set aside the suit filed by the ATAG.

The court unanimously dismissed the suit and also fined two teacher unions (Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana) 15,000ghc for lack of capacity.

According to the court, the issue of capacity goes to the root of the matter the Plaintiffs have filed and cannot seek legal rights when they are not parties to the contract.

The court said the plaintiffs have “no cause of action against the Defendants” and proceeded to award a cost of GHc15,000 in favour of the 1st Defendant (applicant).

Plaintiffs have no locus

The decision of the Court was after the lawyer of the 1st Defendant (K.A Technologies Ghana Limited) Edward Kwadwo Oppong had moved a motion for the suit to be set aside.

While moving the motion, Lawyer Oppong told the court that, “We have an application to set aside the Plaintiffs’ writ of summons and statement of claims as well as service of same on the 1st Defendant (applicant) and for this court to dismiss the instant suit against the 1st Defendant in the case for want of capacity to sue.”

While moving the motion in terms of the motion paper and supporting affidavit, counsel relied also on the processes filed in the case.

Lawyer Oppong submitted that, the Plaintiffs have not demonstrated in their pleadings that they have the capacity to bring the instant action.

According to counsel, a look at the pleadings and the reliefs being sought for by the Plaintiffs (Unions) “clearly my lord will see that the Plaintiffs are not parties to the said contract and they have no interest for whatsoever.”

No opposition

Counsel further submitted that, when the plaintiffs were served with the instant application as far back as December 10, “they have not filed any affidavit in opposition even though on December 14, counsel for Plaintiffs (Teacher Unions) was in court and at his instance, the suit was adjourned to today.

“It is our case that, capacity to sue goes to the jurisdiction of the court and once you have not been able to demonstrate the capacity to the court, the law is clear that, the court has no jurisdiction of the matter,” counsel told the court.

It was the case of counsel again that, despite the fact that, the application is being brought by the 1st Defendant (Applicant), the court can find from the reliefs of Plaintiffs that, “they have nothing against all other parties except to say that the action by the 1st Defendant and 4th Defendant should be declared null and void.”

Counsel said the teacher unions have not indicated they are parties or have any legal or equitable rights that they want the court to protect.

In his final submission, counsel said “It is our humble submission that, this court grants our prayer and proceed to dismiss not only the suit against 1st Defendant (Applicant), but the entire suit for want of capacity to sue.”

He added that “We have demonstrated that, the 1st Defendant (Applicant) is a limited liability company known in Ghana and pray the application to be granted and the whole application of Plaintiff’s dismissed with cost.”

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