Today is the day—the final words of the man who fatally shot his ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, and himself (Video)


A man from Baltimore City Maryland and a Registered Nurse anesthesiologist named Jay Black (Rajaee) has been spotted in a viral video shooting his ex-girlfriend after which he drove to his ex-wife’s resident to finish her off too.

The man who seemed to have been battling with depression for a while then took his life by shooting himself.
Shortly before committing the heinous crime, he shared a video where he shared his last words and what his intentions were.
He posted;
‘’I am not happy for doing this. For everybody that supported me, knows what is going on, thank you all..I have been going through a custody battle, I have been going through having my ex-wife said that I molested by children and all kinds of craziness. I have been fighting for custody for three years.
So, you know..What up oliver, you know about all these things. I started dating somebody new, she got pregnant, we got into a fight, she also threatened that she is going to do the same thing my ex-wife did . That you are not going to see your kids, bla bla bla . This is holiday; I don’t have any family or nothing.
Anyway, I just did something crazy. I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head ye all . It felt like a dream ahhmm..I never thought that I will be that guy. I can’t go to prison, so the person that really started my depression is my ex-wife.
So she is next and then I am going to do same to myself. I just want to say this to people, don’t play with people’s emotion, and don’t lie on these men …ohh here is my ex-wife …Today is the day…

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