[Video] An Immigration Service trainee in tears on their first day of training


A video has emerged that gives a rather funny yet heartbreaking account of some trainees of the Immigration Service being made subjects of ridicule. GhPage.com

Most of them broke down in tears during the first rigorous training where their outfit and overall appearances were checked by a strict officer.

The uncompromising officer hit their heads repeatedly with a rod to inject some level of alertness into them.

These trainees who could not open their mouths to answer questions put across to them were seen clad in white shirts with a pair of sneakers or trainers each.

The officer checked, their attires, asked them to repeat instructions and went ahead to hit their heads for disobedience.

The video has broken the hearts of many, especially with how the trainees were been treated. Many have also intimated that it was the norm.

Watch Video Below:

Source: GhPage.com 

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