Beautiful Lady Who Stayed With Her Boyfriend When He Was Broke Gets A Brand New Car & Mansion On Her Birthday


A beautiful lady has received a brand new car from her boyfriend on her birthday. The young guy we are told is a Ghanaian businessman known as AMG Benjamin.

Per photos seen and also news circulating, the beautiful lady has stayed with AMG Benjamin during  his hard times and so as things have turned good, he thought it wise to award her with a brand new car and a mansion which is at near stage of completion.

In a video trending, AMG Benjamin could be seen covering the face of her wife and then gradually matching her to her ride.

She was then handed over the key to her new whip and you must see the beautiful smiles on her face. Benjamin noted that next year, he would complete a huge mansion for her.

At the time, the said lady has two kids with him. This is just beautiful.



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