Aguero: I have a chip in my heart that alerts the doctor if my heart rate increases.

Sergio Aguero, a former Barcelona and Manchester City striker, has opened up about the end of his career, which saw him retire due to a heart cardiac arrhythmia, and has revealed he now has a chip in his heart. 

Aguero joined Barcelona in the summer of 2021, but only made six appearances for the Camp Nou club before being forced to leave against Alaves in November due to chest pains, which was his final ever football match. 

"I have a chip here," Aguero explained on his Twitch channel. "At night, I'm like Iron Man, emitting colored lights." 

"I'm crazy, I've got a chip." And if my heart starts to beat faster, it alerts the doctor."

Despite the emotional toll the events took on Aguero, he was able to smile as he reflected on the events that eventually led to his retirement. 

"They had warned me a week or ten days before that I would probably have to retire," Aguero said. 

"When they told me it was over, I went to Abu Dhabi to distract myself for a while, and by the time the farewell came around, I was calm." 

"I was with [Barcelona president Joan] Laporta before leaving for the press conference, and I broke down and started crying when I saw the stairs with my chair on them." I had to go out, which I disliked because it is difficult for me.

"I didn't want them to see me crying, so when Laporta told me I just had to go out and talk, I pretended to be relaxed, and I did." 

Though the striker admitted he was not in a good mood at the time of the incident. 

"I had a terrible time during the first 15 days before I announced my retirement," Aguero continued. 


"At the time, I thought it was nothing and that everything would be fine. But when I arrived at the hospital and was placed in a small room by myself with a slew of monitors surrounding me, I realized something wasn't right.

I began to feel anxious after two days in the hospital. Things aren't going well when you're put in a strange private room with monitors."

Source: Marca 

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