Brazilian Authorities Arrest Notorious Hacker Who Stole 40,000 Dollars From Neymar's Account

Authorities in Brazil have detained a guy accused of hacking into Neymar's bank accounts and stealing tiny sums of money totaling more than $40,000 on multiple occasions. 

The alleged hacker worked at an unknown bank where the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Brazil player, as well as his business manager father, had accounts, according to the police. 

According to a police statement, the 20-year-old was arrested on February 9 "for scamming bank clients."

Despite the fact that the police statement did not name the player, the officer in charge confirmed that it was Neymar. 

To the Brazilian TV show Brasil Urgente, he detailed how the alleged heist occurred. 

"What did this lad do?" says the narrator. Fabio Pinheiro Lopes stated. "He took tiny quantities of money from renowned persons with high net worth using his office colleague's password." 

"These individuals didn't notice," he added. He transferred 10,000 (reais) ($1,912.59), then another 10,000, then 20,000, and finally 50,000, bringing the total to 200,000." 

According to Lopes, the account in question belonged to Neymar, and the funds were most likely handled by his father.

When they realized what had happened, they contacted the bank. "The bank compensated the victim and looked into who was responsible," he stated.


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