God has done it again! — A photo of a pregnant Roman Sister has shocked the internet.

As a fresh snapshot from the Christian fraternity has generated a sensation online, it appears that the end-time that has been proclaimed incessantly by some persons anointed by God is indeed approaching. 

The internet has been inundated with photos of an anonymous Roman Sister who is heavily pregnant, leaving many concerns unanswered. 

After impregnating the one and only Virgin Mary, God most likely did it again in the twenty-first century to solidify his existence in the minds of a generation obsessed with money and luxury. 

Because they have taken public vows in a religious order dedicated to apostolic duties, religious sisters in the Catholic Church do not have sex or contaminate their bodies.

They are known for aiding the impoverished, providing education, and assisting the sick, as well as participating in missionary and religious activities. 

However, a photo of a woman dressed as a Sister standing in front of a restaurant-like setting wearing a nose mask to conceal her identity has raised eyebrows. 

Tongues are already wagging because of her big belly in the photo. 

Take a look at this image.

 Source: Ghpage.com

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