In Episode 2 of Power IV: Force, Tommy Egan runs into Liliana, one of his old Carriers from Season One of Power in Chicago.

Tommy Egan is in Chicago after leaving New York City when he runs into one of his former drug "runner" girls. If you're unfamiliar with her story, she was slashed across the face by Kanan Stark's Pink Sneaker girl hitter. Ghost and Tommy debated whether or not to kill her. 

Tommy wanted her dead, and Ghost was about to execute her, but Julio intervened and said something to Ghost about how it would look if you killed a loyal employee who was doing her job. As a result, Ghost is promoting her to be a launcher/money machine without Tommy's knowledge.

Tommy later learns that Julio was promoted and that he was the last to know about it, despite his belief that she was murdered by Ghost. After pistol-whipping Tommy to the ground in episode two of Power Force, Liliana appears in an alley behind him and says, "Who the f*** told you I was here?" 

'Wait a minute, I know you,' Tommy says after a fight that ends with Egan being cut and hitting her.

Pendejo: Of course you do, Liliana. You've come to assassinate me."

Tommy: That f*** scar, Liliana, I should have killed you back in New York. 

Liliana: You dumb enough to do this in front of an audience? 

Tommy: Hmm

Liliana: I got the drop on you once I’ll do it again.

Tommy: Not a F*****chance. 

Tommy: That’s why you can’t have nice things. 

Power creator Courtney Kemp has shared that if a character has not been killed, they can possibly make a return later down the road. 

Source: Landonbuford

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