Lady reveals how her main boyfriend came to her rescue after side boyfriend vanished at restaurant when he saw the bill


A lady has informed other tweeps about how her escapades with two men nearly ended in tears. 

In her narration shared on Twitter, the lady said her main boyfriend quickly came to her rescue when her side boyfriend vanished into thin air when he took her to a fancy restaurant somewhere in town and he saw the bill. 

According to the lady identified as Talizzy, she and her other boyfriend went to a restaurant to chill out but before the bill arrived, he was far gone leaving her to her fate. 

The intriguing story was shared as follows; “I went out with a man I’ve been seeing for the past two months, we went to a fancy restaurant to have lunch. we ordered our meal, gist about our freaky we both are on bed, and bomb he had a call that took him outside the restaurant….

Time was passing. I requested for the bill Cuz we’ve spent 3hrs there, they brought the bill I was seeing 78k. I looked at myself and nod my head. I was already getting chocked, I called him (line busy) texted him🥺 

I was having less than 78k in my account, despite I’ve cheated on my boyfriend I have no option than To call him.

I called my babe told him I was in difficult nd complicated situation that I need 80k, baba told me he was busy I should just give him 10mins to end his vc with his work colleagues, I was like devil this is how you want to shame me 😭 

I was confused I couldn’t eat Anymore, I called my baby again I was crying before i could hang up I saw 80k in my account 😭😭😭 I paid and rushed home, blocked the stupid guy number 🥺 

I couldn’t call my boyfriend cuz I’ve hurt him so much that he didn’t know, he called and called nd called I kept mute. The next day i rushed to church ” God I know I don’t deserve this man but you blessed me with him” forgive him.”


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