Liliana's true identity is revealed as fans discover an original series clue in Power Book 4 Force.

POWER BOOK IV: FORCE is back on screens for its second installment, and fans have detected a key clue thanks to the return of a familiar character. 

The Power series just got bigger with the release of Power Book IV: Force, the third spin-off, which will follow Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora), who relocated to Chicago from New York. Liliana (Audrey Esparza) made an unexpected cameo in the most recent episode, and many feel her true identity will be revealed shortly after a crucial clue was highlighted. 

Tommy surprisingly ran into a familiar person from the original Power series in the second episode, titled "King of the Goddamn Hill."

Liliana used to work as a runner for Tommy and James 'Ghost' St Patrick (Omar Hardwick), but her appearances were limited to only three episodes. 

Despite this, she had a significant impact on the show, as her appearance highlighted Kanan Stark's (50 Cent) eventual release. 

Fans will recall Liliana's attack on Kanan's hired assassin Pink Sneakers, which left her with a large scar on her cheek. 

Her existence was only verified by her surprising presence, even though Tommy and Ghost were last seen arguing whether or not to kill her. 

Her return was not only shocking to fans, but it also caught Tommy off guard when she launched an attack on him.

Following their fight, it was revealed that she had fled New York after learning that Tommy wanted her dead and that he had arrived to kill her. 

Despite the fact that she had begun a new life, it was evident by the end of the episode that she had not abandoned the drug business, as Tommy discovered a block of the chemicals stashed beneath her floorboards. 

On top of the parcel, however, was a card with a spider insignia that enthusiasts linked to the Jiminez cartel. 

The cartel would leave spider cards for people as a threat in the original season of Power, indicating that they wanted them dead. 

Tommy, Ghost, and Kanan had all received the same card from the Jimenez cartel before.

Lilliana's true identity could be linked to the cartel because of the narcotics, as she could either be working for them or be wanted for murder. 

It's also possible that she took the card when she was in New York and has kept it ever since. 

Her inclusion, along with the spider card, was a massive memory for fans, as well as a stark reminder of how intertwined the Power realms remain. 

In any case, Tommy seems to be considering working with her this season, as he may be looking for a quick method to make money and what better way to do it than to resort to what he knows best, drug trafficking.

Tommy, on the other hand, will almost certainly face significant opposition for attempting to launch a narcotics operation in Chicago. 

The legendary Flynn family, who believed they owned the city with their drug organization, had already threatened him. 

Tommy Flanagan regarded the prospect of being asked to leave Chicago by family boss Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan) as a challenge and chose to buy an apartment. 

Fans will have to wait and watch how the Flynn family reacts if Tommy does form his own cartel, and if Lilianna has any ties to the Jimenez cartel.

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