Near Tamale Central Market, a fire destroys shops and goods in a building.

On Sunday morning, a structure near the Tamale Central Market in the Northern Region caught fire, destroying multiple shops and commodities. 

According to those who have been affected by the tragedy, the fire has destroyed things worth thousands of Ghana cedis. 

The fire was put out thanks to the Ghana National Fire Service's assistance, which prevented it from spreading further.

Musah Hudu, the Fire Service's Northern Regional Public Relations Officer, said they received a distress call from Accra at 5:08 a.m., reporting a fire outbreak in the region. 

"We swiftly deployed a crew, who arrived here at 5:15 a.m. to prevent the fire from spreading to other facilities," he said. 

Mr Hudu stated that the fire was fully engulfed when they arrived, but that with the help of two fire stations, they were able to bring it under control. 

Despite the fact that the source of the fire is unknown at this time, he claims that it began in a room with no resident.

He claimed that a lot of businesses had been damaged. 

"From what we can tell, it involves apparel, some cooking supplies, and glass work." They also work with glass. Everything in the glass shop was allegedly burned to the ground, including cash. That is what our men are currently debating in order to choose the best course of action." 

Ibrahim Jawal, the owner of a glass store, told JoyNews that he was at home when his brother called to notify him of the tragedy.

We sell spectacles, colored spectacles, and frames. The spectacles were smashed and the frames were burned. We were unable to make a decision. Because it was not a weekday, we were unable to take the cash from the shop to the bank. My brother typically brings it to the bank, and because it was the weekend, we planned to send it on Monday, but this scenario occurred," he added. 

Mr. Jawal said he couldn't say how much money was destroyed in the fire, but that his belongings were worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

Zakia Mumuni, a dealer, claimed the fire destroyed the majority of her spices. She was able to save a handful of the packs. 

Everything is burned, as you can see, but these are the few items we were able to salvage. "All I can say is that I leave everything to God," she wailed. 

Since the beginning of the year, the Northern Region has experienced 76 fire outbreaks.

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