Osei Kwame, a Ghanaian millionaire, owns five luxurious and powerful automobiles.


Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, a Ghanaian business billionaire, has a reputation for lavishing himself with some of the world's most expensive gifts on significant occasions, such as his birthdays. 

As a 60th birthday present to himself, the acclaimed creator of Despite Group spent nearly US$3 million on a 2022 Bugatti Chiron. 

The pricey supreme sports whip joins his array of opulent cars, which total millions of dollars in value.

Despite has a collection of supercars and historic cars in his garage at one of his opulent mansions. As reported by Pulse Ghana, YEN.com.gh has selected photographs highlighting five of the millionaire's most expensive luxury whips with specifications.

1. Bugatti Chiron:

Osei Kwame Despite's Bugatti Chiron has been confirmed to be worth over US$3 million.

YEN.com.gh gathered that Bugatti has made only 30 models of this car, and Despite's is the first in Ghana.

2. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster:

A Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, valued at $4,500,000, is owned by the millionaire.

One of the plush automobiles on exhibit during his first son Kennedy Osei's wedding two years ago was the luxury whip.

3. Bugatti La Voiture Noire:

The Founder and CEO of Despite Group is also the owner of the La Voiture Noire model from Bugatti said to costs around GHc18 million.

4. Rolls-Royce Sweptail:

Dr Osei Kwame Despite owns a couple of Rolls-Royce cars, including the 'Sweptail' model, said to be worth 13 million.

5. Mclaren Spider 720s:

The Ghanaian business mogul and media colossus reportedly acquired the luxury car in August 2018. The McLaren 720s Spyder has a starting price of US$315,000.

Source: YEN.com

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