Power Book 2 season 3 release: Brayden star drops huge filming update days after finale

The thrilling second season of POWER BOOK II has just ended, and a member of the cast has just confirmed that they've already begun work on the third installment. 

More Power episodes should be on the way soon, as Ghost star Gianna Paolo has revealed he's already on the set of the highly anticipated third season. With an exciting new Instagram post this week, the star updated fans on the Starz series' progress. 

As the Power spin-off enters its third season, Ghost regular Gianna warned fans not to underestimate his character Brayden. 

The cast is already gearing up for the next chapter, despite the fact that the dust has settled on last Sunday's jaw-dropping finale, Love and War.

"SMH," Gianna wrote in a recent social media post. "I can't believe you thought Brayden was going to give up." Season three is already in the works, so sit tight while we create some more magic." 

Tariq's secrets are safe for the time being, but things could still blow up in his face when the show returns. 

Gianna is seen standing menacingly on the new season's location in his new post. 

Season three's plot is being kept under wraps for the time being, but it will undoubtedly pick up after Lauren Baldwin's shocking death (Paige Hurd).

Some fans believe she is still alive because her body was never shown; is it possible that Effie Morales (Alix Lapri) allowed her to go off-screen? 

Meanwhile, Tariq's boss, Monet (Mary J Blige), is watching her empire crumble around her after another unexpected death, her son Zeke, in season three (Daniel Bellomy). 

Although the majority of Power is shot in New York City, the new spin-off Force is set in Chicago and follows fan favorite Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora). 

Now that the cast has returned to New York, fans can look forward to an announcement about a premiere date in 2022.

Season three was quickly confirmed in December of last year as the new spin-popularity off's grew. 

Viewers can expect the new season to premiere in late 2022, as previous seasons have done so in September and November. 

In addition, Starz has begun to build anticipation for the next chapter by introducing some new faces to the regular cast. 

David Walton and Moriah Brown, both newcomers, have been confirmed as series regulars. 

"Also, make sure you watch us recap the final episode on @courtneyakemp's Instagram live tomorrow at 8pm EST," he added. 

Courtney's interview with Gianna can now be seen on her Instagram page.

 Source: ExpressUK

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