Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 3 Recap “Firestarter”

Celebrity is not to be missed. Power Book IV: Force Season 1 Episode 3 recap by Myxer “Firestarter.” Tommy comes face to face with a specter from his past. 

Tommy accidentally discovers a secret product at the reunion, which leads to a discovery. Tommy arranges a meeting between rivals and learns the truth about the conflict. Here's what you've been missing! 

JP's club was shot up previously in Power Book IV: Force Episode 2, but no one was there... It was a message to pay back payola that had been owed. Tommy offered financial assistance as well as a long-term business plan. He informed Diamond and Jenard of the plot, but the two were kidnapped and forced to make heroin drops for Diamond's former foe.

Tommy was fed up with the ordeal, so he tracked down the criminals and blew them up! 

D-Mac, JP's estranged son, worked with Jenard and was responsible for the club's destruction. Tommy's backstory was also revealed. He came across Liliana (who thought he was in Chicago to kill her). When he came to finish the task, he saw she had gained weight and wanted to forge an alliance with her. 

Warning… There are spoilers below!

Liliana and Tommy work together on Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 3

Tommy is asked about the Flynn family by Liliana. He understands how dangerous they can be because he's had previous encounters with them. Tommy is forced to deal with the family once more as a result of the new frenemy alliance. Initially, he deals with Vic, and things quickly spiral out of control when they go to the art gallery to see Colin. Colin was high on drugs when he shot Tommy and Vic with a handgun, but he was swiftly disarmed and saw his own gun pointed down his throat! 

Tommy meets Claudia, who is eager to promote a new designer medication she discovered with her sex fling, Mai. Tommy's help is required to distribute it throughout the streets while evading notice by Walter.

Gloria and Vic visit Christina’s grave on Power Book IV Force Season 1 Episode 3

Walter, on the other hand, discovers that Tommy has never left Chicago and strikes up a conversation with him. See, he's not used to people disobeying his commands. Tommy counters by stating that he is his own employer. The Flynns were already under investigation by the feds, and they began to see Tommy around the group. 
Vic is aware that Gloria and Tommy are having an affair and tries to appeal to her heart because he has known her for a long time and Tommy is a new fling. Gloria is accompanied by Vic to her mother's burial, but there is no spark. They do, though, for Tommy and Gloria because they reunite!

Diamond takes the initiative to retake his brother Jenard's position as CBI head. Of course, there are stipulations and difficulties. Remember the cop from the first episode of the season? Det. Bennigan monitors Diamond's activities by spying on him. 

Walter is enraged that the opposition has intervened, so he sets Diamond and Tommy up for a massive collapse. Tommy is informed by JP that he is in financial trouble... 

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