Rest well my colleague, I’ll join you in 2033 after spending my 21 billion- the goal is to die- Parting words of sakawa man to another who just died (Watch)

Rest well, dear comrade; after spending my 21 billion, I'll join you in 2033--the goal is to die—parting words of a sakawa man to another who had just died (Watch) 

An emotional homage to a coworker who recently passed away has been uploaded on the internet by an alleged sakawa man. 

In a short video posted online by the young man, he was shown spending quality time with the deceased while he was still alive, along with touching comments telling him that he would soon join him after spending billions of naira on his modus operandi.

"Go well my day 1 nigga I am coming in 2033 let me finish my 21 billion the most important thing is u die rich," the man wrote with the photographs.


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