Sad News: Mother and 5 children burn to dɛath 6 months after husband’s dɛath

A mother and her three children have lost their lives in the most inhumane way as they were reduced to ashes following a fire that gut their home.

The woman and her three children alongside two other children lost their lives when fire gutted their house around 1 am on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

The sad incident happened at Mahuta, an area in the Kaduna State of Nigeria and reports have it that the woman had lost her husband, the father of the three children just 6 months ago and was still bereaving before passing away in the most tragic way with her children.

Nathaniek Sarah who shared the information on Twitter wrote; “A black tuesday in Mahuta area in Kaduna state as this family perished when fire gutted their house around 1am this morning. 

The woman and her children alongside two others died in that inferno. The husband passed away 6 months ago. May their souls rest in perfect peace.”


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