Security Man Who Earns 500 Cedis A Month Gets Angry At Wife Who Saved Her Money To Buy Him A 2 Bedroom House On His Birthday

A man whose colossal ego prevented him from enjoying a birthday present his wife had given him has resorted to social media to express his dissatisfaction. 

The man who works as a security guard earns between 500 and 700 cedis every month, according to him. 

Despite his poor income, he provides his wife with 50 cedis per month for upkeep. He went on to say that his wife is a nurse by profession, and that she rarely spends her own money because he pays her a monthly stipend of 50 cedis. Everything was fine until his wife provided him with house ownership certificates that included both his wife's and his own names.
Instead of being grateful for his wife's caring gesture, the man grew enraged that she dismissed him as a Northerner.
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