Stop the noise and pay the E-Levy” – A Plus tells Ghanaians as he openly declares his support for the electronic tax

Controversial Kwame A Plus, a Ghanaian political critic and freedom activist, has startled many Ghanaians by openly supporting the controversial E- Levy. 

During a Facebook live he did a few hours ago, Kwame A Plus claimed that all Ghanaians speaking out against the E-levy are ignorant, which is one of the main reasons Ghana is currently at a standstill in terms of progress. 

The retired musicians, who claim to have been working for the welfare of Ghana for the past 25 years, went on to say that the contentious E-levy will benefit Ghana greatly provided the funds raised are properly utilized by the government.

As Mr A Plus has stated openly, he is willing to campaign for the passage of the E-levy and will not bend to insults and harsh criticism from Ghanaians.

Many of A Plus' Facebook followers assume he has gotten money from NPP, hence the comments following his announcement are full of hate. 

Meanwhile, Parliament has unable to reach a definitive decision on the E-levy, despite the minority's dismissal of its importance in two separate sittings.


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