The devil gave me 20 billion to spend in 12years, I’m even tired” – Sakawa boy weeps (Video)

A sakawa child has turned to the internet to claim that the devil has granted him 12 billion dollars to spend over the next 12 years. 

He's even fatigued, according to the Sakawa person, because 12 billion is too much money to spend in just 12 years, which is highly unlikely unless he buys a lot of stupid items on purpose. 

He further stated in the caption of the fast-trending video that he was told not to invest the money or give it to any family members, but rather to spend it lavishly on whatever he desires. 

In the video, he says:

I signed a contract with the devil and I have 12 years to spend 20 billion. Share me your account details lemme bless you some. I cannot use the money for investment or anything of that sort.”

Check out the video below to know more…


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