Tommy's reign'sealed' as he takes down the Flynn organization?

Tommy might vanquish his adversaries and completely take over Chicago as the city's top drug dealer in POWER BOOK 4: FORCE. 

With the launch of its latest spin-off, Power Book IV: Force, Starz's crime series Power has expanded its brand. With barely four episodes under its belt, the series has already taken Starz's streams by storm, and Tommy Egan (played by Joseph Sikora) appears to be on his way to becoming Chicago's newest and largest drug distributor. 

Tommy relocated to Chicago after faking his death in New York and seizing the opportunity to take over with his own drug organization. 

However, this did not come without making enemies, and as a result, he received death threats as well as shattered what appeared to be strong family relationships.

This featured Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan), the head of the Irish mafia family, whose power and dominion over the city were threatened. 

Tommy's presence also caused havoc for the Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI) on Chicago's Southside. 

While the two organizations appeared to be at odds, they developed a means to bring the adversaries together in order to triumph. 

"The racism of Chicago, the dividedness of Chicago is new to Tommy in a lot of ways," the actor told Entertainment Weekly. 

So I think the divide of Black and white and Latino people in terms of neighborhoods will be a really intriguing topic for us to investigate."

The teaser for the forthcoming episode titled 'Take Me Home' also revealed that Walter will drive his son and successor Vic Flynn (Shane Harper) further away from Tommy to join him. 

Despite his children's pleadings, Walter refused to broaden his business by selling cocaine and instead decided to offer solely medications. 

Vic had been working with Tommy in previous episodes to bring his family's business ahead while also burying the hatchet with old foes. 

Tommy's sister Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons), who was bored of being forced to work as a secretary, worked up a bargain with Tommy, unbeknownst to the family. 

Claudia, who had tried unsuccessfully to persuade her father to enter the cocaine business, decided to forge her own path.

Walter slapped Vic across the face in the advertising video, while Claudia met up with Tommy in another moment. 

"In this life, there are the suckers who walk into the buzzsaw and the m***s holding it," he said. 

Following his father's continual pushback, Vic's slap in the forthcoming episode could be the final straw, causing him to leave the family company and join Tommy. 

When Tommy met up with Claudia, they were able to reach an agreement on a potential source because she knew where the narcotics could be obtained.

Tommy would be able to take down their father's organization if the two Flynn siblings worked for him and merged their knowledge. 

He was bridging the gap between the two communities with the intention of taking over Chicago, as he was also working with Diamond (Isaac Keys) from CGI. 

This takeover, however, will not be easy, since he has already stirred feathers by assassinating key members of the Serbian Mafia. 

With barely four episodes under his belt, Tommy has already assembled a squad, and the Flynn organization may be in for a surprise.


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