Ukraine: Africans reportedly being blocked from getting on trains as they try to flee the country [Video]

According to the report, several Africans attempting to evacuate Ukraine following Russia's incursion have been denied entry to trains and public transportation.

According to a video, troops forcibly ejected some Africans off a train they had opted to join, preferring to give locals first priority.

Many people are concerned about racism, since they don't comprehend why Ukrainians would be hostile to Africans and blacks attempting to flee the nation for safety.

According to the video, the troops can be seen at the train's entrance fending off Africans and blacks attempting to board. Non-Africans were given preferential treatment.

Efya Wusuwaa wrote: Yet Ghanaians will tweet let’s pray for Ukraine meanwhile u same person has never gone on ur knees to pray for ghana ?.

 When will Africans be considered as people in this world?Aaron wrote: This may seem like racism but they are prioritizing their citizens first which every country would have done in hard times that they are in

Angry bird wrote: It’s the way the world operates. Africans don’t have an opinion on racial issues. In times of war, whites use blacks as shields in the field. Is the way of life .

Check Out Video Below:


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