You Can Sometimes Stop Driving And Just Walk - Kokofu Tells Ghanaians Concerned About Fuel Price Increase


Ghanaians' protests against rising fuel costs appear to have had no effect, as prices continue to rise on a regular basis. 

Fuel prices have lately risen to about Ghc8 per liter, forcing transportation providers to boost fees, which will likely strain some passengers. 

The recent price increase affects not just commercial vehicle drivers and passengers, but also some individual car owners. 

The people has been demanding on the government to either stabilize or cut fuel prices in light of these issues.

While the government works around the clock to find solutions to the petrol price crisis, Ghanaians, according to Henry Kwabena Kokofu, Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Protection Agency, have a responsibility to ensure that fuel prices do not continue to grow. 

Many people are not using fuel productively, according to Henry Kokofu, who spoke on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" Friday morning. This has a negative impact on the petroleum sector. 

As a result, he advised automobile owners and drivers all around the country to save fuel by driving less. 

He remarked that people should not always drive to every location, and that car owners or drivers should park their vehicles and walk on occasion, naming some of the things he would have Ghanaians stop doing.

He also found it disturbing that almost every Ghanaian wanted to own a car, proposing that instead, a huge number of commercial buses should transport people to and from work. 

"How can we reduce costs in a way that is beneficial?" We must save energy for a variety of reasons. It's up to us to put it to good use. Second, if you don't maintain your car, it will age and its consumption rate will rise. When you start your car and rev the engine while smoke billows from the exhaust pipe, you're also wasting money..."


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