A Ghanaian gentleman is in tears when the lady he spent his money on dumps him to marry a military officer.

A Ghanaian young guy has turned to Facebook to recount how a lady in whom he had placed a significant amount of trust decided to dump him and marry a military officer. 

In his Facebook account, the young man known as Uncle Bless revealed that he rented a place for the lady known as Rubby and paid for virtually everything she need. 

He went on to say that he also offered her money to start a business and spent a lot of money on her when she was allegedly spiritually attacked when they were out together.

Regrettably, he was later prohibited on all platforms he used to communicate with Rubby, only to learn just yesterday that she was marrying a military officer today. 

Uncle Bless claims that the one thing that tears his heart the most is Rubby's repeated assurances to him that the military man she married today was simply a friend.

Unlce Bless Posted this on social media:

Source: Zionfliex

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