A man bursts into tears heavily as his pastor refuses to perform his wedding due to unpaid tithes.

A young Ghanaian man has resorted to Facebook to complain about his officiating pastor's unreasonable demands before agreeing to officiate his wedding. 

According to this man, who is in a pickle, he told his pastor about his plans to have a white wedding to follow up on the modest traditional ceremony he and his wife had months previously. 

To his astonishment, the pastor insisted on seeing his Tithe card to verify his monetary donation and commitment to the church before proceeding with the wedding. 

The pastor told him forcefully, with a severe look, that "you're not a church" after he told him his payment was three years late.

This means that before his white wedding could be officiated in the church, he would have to pay all outstanding tithes. 

The man, who is "painfully infuriated" by the pastor's demands, intends to call off the wedding in order to put the money toward his wife's nursing degree. The challenge now is persuading his wife to support his decision. 

In the meantime, his wife's pastor has requested that a "litany of lab tests" be performed. They were also handed a marital questionnaire to complete, which he claims contains some "very absurd" questions. 

Read about his plight in the screenshot below.

Source: Ghpage.com

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