A married woman, 32 years old, is impregnated by a 25-year-old man.


A 25-year-old man has confessed to impregnating a 32-year-old married lady anonymously. 

He didn't realize the woman was married until lately, when she told him the truth after learning that she had taken seed, according to the male, puzzled gentleman. 

Despite their age difference, the woman was very nice and respectful to him, and she made him feel like a king after supplying all he wanted, according to the man's confession. 

He's now debating whether or not to accept the pregnancy because he's not yet ready to be a father.

Meanwhile, the woman has apologized to him and stated that she was simply interested in having "fun" with him and had no intention of becoming pregnant for him. 

If you were in the guy's position, would you accept the pregnancy or tell her to terminate it?

Source: Ghpage.com

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