Audio: Bullion van police officer was killed by his colleague police robber

Robberies of bullion cars across the country are described by an unidentified guy claiming to be from the Ghana Police Service. 

Unknown gunmen shot Constable Emmanuel Osei in the head a few months ago in James Town, an Accra area. 

Several people petitioned the Ghana Police Service after his death to ensure the safety of officers assigned to security escort Bullion trucks. 

It's been months since the incident that resulted in the deaths of a cop and a woman called Janet who was shot inadvertently. 

The recording, predictably, has exposed some disturbing details about the burglary as well as other robberies across the country. 

Constable Emmanuel Osei's killers, according to the person on the recording, are his fellow cops.

According to his story, eight police officers from the same police station were detained for their involvement in the crime. 

He went on to explain that they were the same people who attempted but failed to rob another facility. 

Fearing for their safety, one of them raced back to Accra Jamestown for protection, but he was quickly identified by several neighbors as one of the robbers who attacked the van that day. 

They raised an alarm, oblivious to the fact that he was a cop. He was reportedly transferred to the Striking Force Unit and tortured for two days before confessing his guilt.

He claimed that the suspect confessed to killing Constable Emmanuel Osei in the head after recognizing and identifying him.


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