A young woman who was rejected by her father because she was born with backward feet builds a house for her mother.

Devotha's parents expected her to be like other children when she was born, but she was born with backward feet. Because of the young lady's condition, she was reviled by others and eventually rejected by her father. Devotha went to a technical school to learn construction and utilized the money she earned from menial jobs to build a house for her mother.

Devotha, a young physically challenged woman, has built her mother a house with money she earned from menial work.

Devotha was born in 1999 with her feet backwards, which had an impact on her life, but she refused to give up despite the odds.

Devotha's condition, according to Afrimax, who produced a documentary on her life, made her a target of ridicule and rejection.

Her father eventually joined the'rejection train,' abandoning Devotha and her mother to start a new family somewhere else.

To make ends meet, Devotha took on menial jobs. According to the media, Devotha was unable to finish her schooling due to financial problems. She was enrolled in a technical school thanks to a village priest, where she learned about construction and decided to build her mother a house because they didn't have one.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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