Afia Schwar mocks Mzbel, saying, "You prepared our day funeral for your father while I did a grandiose burial celebration for mine" (Video)

 Afia Schwar is an idiot hence no sensible person should consider her as a role model. How can you throw out such disrespect for the late father of your former best friend?

This is the form of gross stupidity one displays when he/she sees everything as a competition.

40-year-old Afia Schwar has once again abused the privilege of being stupid with her most recent attack on Mzbel and her late dad.

According to the loudmouth and callous mother of three, she held a better funeral for her dad as compared to what Mzbel did for her beloved father.

In a self-made cold video, Afia Schwar jabbed Mzbel who was once her close ally after heaping praises on the sympathizers who attended her dad’s funeral last weekend.

She bragged about the huge sums of monies she received from Chairman Wintumi, Despite and the other moneyed people who attended the funeral.

Afia who is noted for riding on cheap stunts ended her heartless video by indirectly insulting Mzbel and her father.

Watch the video below to know more…


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