Afia Schwarzenegger has threatened to sue the Ghana Army Band if the man she slapped at her father's funeral is not arrested.

Afia Schwarzenegger, a Ghanaian socialite, has vowed to sue the Ghana Army if the man she hit during her father's burial is not produced. 

In a video that went viral during her father's funeral in Kumasi, the Ghanaian social media pundit smacked a 34-year-old guy in a video that went viral a day after the much-publicized funeral that drew a large crowd of friends and celebrities to the grounds to mourn with her. 

The actress is shown throwing a big smack to a young man in one of the films that have appeared on social media, which netizens link to his attempting to pick up the cash sprayed on her during the burial.

She slapped the man because, according to her, he assaulted her sister in order to collect money that was sprayed on them during the burial. 

Remember that the purported victim of Afia Schwarzenegger's'slap' gave an interview to describe what transpired. 

The victim stated in his story that he was an instrumentalist in the military band that performed at the funeral, which has prompted Miss Schwar to issue a legal threat. 

Because she did not engage any civilian band to perform at her father's funeral, Afia believes the man is an impostor. 

In his interview, he stated that he is not a soldier. 

I also enlisted the help of a military band. So, if you're not a soldier, what are you doing there?

The military band does not include civilians. "I went to 4BN to hire the Ghanaian armed forces," she explained. 

"W/O Agyepong has said not once, twice, or three times that they don't know the man," she continues on UTV as a guest host of the United Showbiz show. We had a security briefing prior to the event on Friday, but he stated in his interview that he began playing the band and collecting the money on Friday. On Friday, there was no show." 

"There was no wake, and the band didn't even bother to show there." All of these issues were covered at a security briefing with the Police, Military, and KNUST security on that Friday.

"It was decided that if the band was performing and money was being sprayed without me dancing, they could keep it." If I'm dancing, everyone in the room gets a piece of the money. Now that you're a complete stranger, it's time to go money-picking. I've filed a complaint with the military police, and if he's not detained, I'll take the military band to court," she said.

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