Because her partner is too short, the lady refuses to marry him.

I'm not sure why height should be a consideration when choosing a spouse. According to statistics, just 14% of all males in the world are taller over 6 feet, thus women should stop talking about marrying only tall men. 

According to a 28-year-old woman who slipped into the Facebook DMs of a relationship and marriage guru, she genuinely loves her boyfriend but is debating whether or not to marry him due to his height. 

She stated in her message that, while her partner is a decent man who is very likeable, his height is quite concerning to her. 

Furthermore, due of his height, everything he does irritates her, whereas she could just turn a blind eye.

If the lady claims to love the man in her message, she would not hesitate to marry him because height is the last thing anyone looking to settle down should care about.


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