During a heavy fight, a Ghanaian man slaps his Chinese boss as a kind of self-defense; video emerges.

The 19-second video starts with an enraged Chinese man charging at a young Ghanaian man. During an encounter, the Chinese man reported as the young man's employer strikes his employee. During a skirmish that quickly escalated into a fistfight, the Ghanaian worker delivered a big smack on his boss. 

The pair's video has gotten a lot of attention on social media, with many people congratulating the young man for protecting himself. 

On the internet, a video showing a man identified as Ghanaian defending himself against a Chinese man after an encounter that quickly developed into a fistfight has surfaced. The enraged Chinese man claimed to be the employer appears in a brief video extensively distributed on social media and seen by YEN.com.gh.

He then gets into a physical altercation with the worker, during which they both yell at each other. 

A Ghanaian stands up for himself. Unafraid of his boss, the young man went on the defensive against his Chinese boss's insults, attempting to slap his foreign boss in the face. 

It's unclear what sparked the battle, but the two couldn't control their emotions, which resulted in the fight. Thankfully, there were individuals nearby who were able to separate the two and prevent them from being out of control. The video, which shows the entire episode from beginning to end, has elicited mixed comments from the internet community, with some congratulating the young man for protecting himself.

Source: Yen.com.gh 

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