Father weeps over the body of his son ki!led by Russians(Photos)

A father weeps over the dead of his son in the city of Mariupol, which has been under continuous Russian shelling for more than 24 hours, with 'hundreds' of civilians estimated to have been murdered. 

Serhii, the father of Iliya, was seen in a maternity ward turned into a hospital in the Black Sea city, clutching his son's head as the boy's body lay beneath a blood-soaked sheet. Another image reveals how Iliya had arrived moments earlier in the back of a car with both legs ripped apart by a Russian shell.

The images surfaced as Ukraine's deputy foreign minister told the UN's human rights council that Putin's troops are "spilling the blood of Ukrainian children" by shelling civilian areas of cities, which "clearly amounts to war crimes and crimes against humanity," according to Ukraine's deputy foreign minister. 

Mariupol, which is almost completely surrounded by Russian forces, has been bombarded since early yesterday in a bid to force the city to submit — as Putin's men resort to deadly siege tactics in an attempt to win a war he began more than a week ago. 

According to the mayor, the city is without electricity, heat, or water, and Russian troops are attempting to cut off food supply and starving the population by blowing up trains and blocking highways.

'All lines of defense are holding,' according to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, with the cities of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Mykolaiv all fending off Russian attacks. Despite the mayor seemed to affirm overnight that the city of Kherson had been overrun by Russian forces, he maintained it was still in Ukrainian hands. 

'They wanted to annihilate us.' They were unable to succeed. We've gone through a lot. And anyone who believes that after all of this, Ukrainians would be terrified, broken, or submit knows nothing about Ukraine,' Zelensky said, adding, 'We will reconstruct every house, every street, every city, and we say to Russia: learn the word'reparations.' 

'You will fully compensate us for whatever you did against our state and every Ukrainian.'

Separately, one of his presidential advisers said the Ukrainian army is now getting ready to launch counter-attacks on Russian forces after their initial assault on the country stalled – amid reported of fuel and food shortages, heavy casualties, and mismanagement of the operation.

‘Help to us is increasing every minute and the strength of the enemy is decreasing every minute. We’re not only defending but also counter-attacking,’ the adviser said in a televised briefing.

Hours before he spoke, the British MoD had revealed that a 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks and artillery remains stuck near Kyiv after suffering mechanical breakdowns – making it a prime target for any counter-offensive.

Kharkiv, in the east, and Chernihiv, in the north west, also remained under Ukrainian control despite coming under heavy rocket fire. There were also fears the Russians were about to launch a major amphibious assault against the port city of Odessa after a large fleet of ships was spotted near Crimea in the early hours.

He said the fighting is taking a toll on the morale of Russian soldiers, who ‘go into grocery stores and try to find something to eat’ – scenes captured on CCTV cameras around the country. He added: ‘These are not warriors of a superpower. These are confused children who have been used.’

His assessment of the Russian attack was shared by several US defence analysts who said the campaign had been mismanaged, under-supplied, ineffective, and led to Moscow suffering much-higher casualties in the first few days of fighting than had been anticipated.

Ahead of the invasion, Washington had warned that Russia’s superior forces would be able to quickly overwhelm Ukraine’s 200,000-strong army – taking out air defences, achieving superiority in the skies, and then raining death down on those below.

Source: Dailyview

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