Gallons of petrol shared as souvenir at a party in Nigeria cause a stir online [Photos]

Nigerians have done the unthinkable once again!

This time, photographs and videos that have made their way into social media depict an unusual scene of little gallons of gasoline being distributed as party favors to visitors. 

This unusual show of gratitude to partygoers comes in the midst of Nigeria's fuel shortage. 

Containers half-filled with gasoline lined up for visitors at the Erelu Okin Foundation Installation party, which took place today, March 4, 2022, according to photos uploaded online. 

A partygoer confirmed to social media users that the keg's contents are not groundnut oil, as many had assumed, but rather gasoline.

Check out some reactions that have greeted the photo below.

iam_abelson: While this is very commendable, It is also very risky

iphydol_stores: Na death dem dey share so , highly Risky.

shiretwin: This country is just a joke..what!!!!!! I’m done please someone should just help me with visa even if is Ukraine

iam_omonike: Is this not dangerous? Everything is for clout in Nigeria

nessmanshoes: Country where everyone behaves anyhow!!! No regulation on whatsoever

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