Helicopter transports a Ghanaian lady to her wedding [video]


A stunning video of a woman coming in style at her wedding ceremony has gotten a lot of attention on social media. 

On Saturday, March 19, 2022, the bride, a Ghanaian called Samantha, wedded her fiancé, Charles, in what could be considered a fantasy wedding for many people. 

However, she arrived in style, flying in a helicopter before being handed over to her husband by her father. 

Samantha was seen being escorted out of the chopper by her maidens in a video posted to Instagram shortly after it landed.

Her father took her hand in his and handed it to the groom to continue. 

Samantha made a dramatic fashion statement with her floor-sweeping wedding gown, as if arriving in a helicopter wasn't enough. 

Her gown was created from a colorful African pattern cloth known as Ankara, rather than the traditional white lacey material used for weddings. 

Over six persons were needed to arrange the gown's edges exactly on the floor.

Weddings and marriage ceremonies are regarded extraordinary occasions that for some people occur only once in a lifetime. 

As a result, many people go to great lengths to have the wedding of their dreams. 

Samantha's wedding is just one of many lavish weddings observed throughout the world.

Source: Ghpage.com


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