How I was beaten and gang-r.aped by my boyfriend and my friend — 22-yr-old girl shares sad story

In Abeokuta, Ogun State, a 22-year-old Nigerian woman told how she was allegedly battered and gang-raped by her boyfriend and a friend. 

The heinous act was caught on camera when the lady claimed she went to see her partner, Seun Orokunle, 38, at his home. 

According to the article, Orokunle and his accomplice, 28-year-old Sarumi Sodiq, were arrested after the victim filed a complaint with the Eleweran Public Complaint Bureau. 

The victim went to the house of Seun Orokunle, who happened to be her boyfriend, according to the command's spokesperson, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi.

When she arrived, she went to the bathroom to have a bath, unaware that the same Seun Orokunle had summoned her friend Sarumi Sodiq, who came right to the bathroom to meet her, dr@gged her out, and the two of them took turns having s@x with her after completely be@ting her. 

Seun Orokunle removed her clothing and immersed them in a basin of water to keep her from leaving the house right away once they were satisfied. She went on to say that the two men, who claimed to be cultists, threatened to kill her if she told anyone about them. 

The culprits were finally tracked down to Abeokuta's Aregbe neighborhood, where they were captured. They've both admitted it.


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