I want to divorce my wealthy husband because he isn't attractive and makes me nervous when I look at him – Lady discloses

So, what exactly do ladies desire? – Women appear to be more difficult to comprehend than Quantum Physics. 

A lucky girl who has been married to a wealthy man has slipped into a doctor's inbox to sharply criticize her husband's appearance. 

This lady claims she wants to divorce her spouse because he isn't attractive at all, and she gets afraid when she looks at his face. 

She further mentioned that if she confronts her husband about his appearance, he becomes enraged. 

She sent a letter to the doctor;

Good evening doctor, Hmmm, my husband is not handsome at all. I even get scared when I look at him at night. I confronted him about his looks and he got offended. Please is there anything I can do?

Source: Ghpage.com

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