If the unnecessary 'borla' tax, BOST Margin, and SPT are removed, fuel will sell for 1ghc - Sammy Gyamfi

Various fuel tariffs should be abolished, according to NDC National Communications Officer Sammy Gyamfi. 

There are no longer any requirements for severe pollution, BOST Margin, or Special Petroleum Taxes.

"Some taxes don't make sense," says Sammy Gyamfi. We shouldn't have to pay a 10 pesewas sanitation and pollution (borla) fee or a 9 pesewas BOST margin on a litre of gasoline or diesel. 

"Today, the vast majority of these taxes, 80-90 percent of these levies, are superfluous. When the worldwide market price of oil plummeted, former President Mahama enacted the Special Petroleum Tax. We stated that we would take it for two years and then return it when global market prices rose.

We were losing money on oil shipments at the time since the global market price was below $30. Prices have climbed to between $100 and $120 per barrel, up from 61 dollars per barrel when we benchmarked it in 2022. The elimination of these levies would reduce the cost of diesel and gasoline by at least $1." 

Due to rising gasoline prices in Ghana, the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC) made a similar demand.

Secretary-General Dr Yaw Baah stated in a letter to Ken Ofori-Atta dated March 21 that recent events have pushed many employees, particularly those on fixed incomes, below the poverty line. 

"The situation must be addressed promptly," Dr Baah warned, "otherwise many more Ghanaians would be thrown into poverty." 

Since January, the cost of living has risen dramatically, according to the letter. "We demand that all fuel taxes and fees be suspended immediately by the government." 

"Gas prices should drop by around 15% as a result of this." The embargo should be in place until the price of crude oil in the world stabilizes and the Cedi's decline is halted." 

The TUC anticipates that the decrease in gasoline prices would result in price stability for essential foodstuffs.

"More importantly, suspending taxes and levies on certain gasoline products would demonstrate to Ghanaians that our government is concerned about their plight." 

The government should also examine gasoline prices and restructure the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to prevent crude oil imports, according to the report.

Source: Ghbase.com

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