In the Ellembelle District, tricycle riders and illegal miners continue to use "Juju" to impregnate teenage girls, according to the Social Welfare Director.

Jonas Kabutey, the Ellembelle District Assistant Social Welfare Director, claims that unlicensed miners in the area, often known as galamseyers, are employing charms to impregnate youngsters. 

Mr. Jonas Kabutey stated in an interview with Nhyriaba Paa Kwesi Simpson, host of Connect FM's Omanbapa morning show, that most of the young girls affected by the charm are currently pregnant, with no one taking responsibility, and that "the fingered galamseyer will be nowhere to find" in some cases. 

"Several cases of teenage pregnancies have been reported to my clinic in Ellembelle." "I've investigated several of the cases, and it appears that the illegal miners and tricycle riders have been employing charms to have affairs with the young females," he said.

Some of the young females interrogated, he claims, have no idea how they ended up in the illegal miners' chambers. He went on to say that these adolescents often forget the names of the men who are guilty. However, some of the illegal miners have been identified, although they have categorically denied their involvement. 

Mr. Kabutey claimed that some of the afflicted kids' parents are receiving payments ranging from GH2,000 to GH3,000 from the illegal miners who caused the pregnancy and allowing them to go unpunished. "We've taken maybe five of these parents to court so far." 

They are solely concerned with getting the money and are unconcerned about the children's future. The Department of Social Welfare has taken up the matter, as have the parents involved.

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