In her most recent post, Afia Schwar attacks Allotey Jacobs.

Notorious Afia Schwar has gone mad on the internet once more, this time vowing to defame renowned Ghanaian veteran politician Uncle Allotey Jacobs. 

Allotey Jacobs was among the many Ghanaians who feasted on her like hungry vultures before and after her father's funeral, according to Afia Schwar in an Instagram post that has been found on her profile. 

She said in her viral post that Allotey Jacobs targeted her without provocation, and that she will destroy him with the juicy information she had. 

Loudmouth Afia Schwar went on to boast that she has the names of all the young females Allotey Jacobs has slept with and that she will post them on the internet in 48 hours.

Afia Schwar also generated him to swiftly apologize to his wife before the obvious happens.

She angrily wrote;

I heard this man insulting me after squandering NDC money,your opportunistic stomach took you to Npp to beg..
I will give you 48 hrs to do the needful..or you better apologise to your wife…the young girls have given me the list.
If you think you cam bring your foolishness to me,then you have another thing koraaa…

I'm still trying to figure out when and where Allotey Jacobs insulted Afia Schwar; we all know Allotey is a tough guy who would never fall to Afia Schwar's level.


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