Minority To Akufo-Addo: Close down Your Economic Management Team

Due to the wobbly cedi, the Minority in Parliament has asked that President Akufo-Addo dissolve his Economic Management Team immediately. 

According to the Minority, the increase in fuel costs in the country is attributable to the depreciation of the local currency, not rising crude prices on the international market. 

The Minority Spokesperson on Mines and Energy, John Jinapor, addressed the media and urged the government to exploit the oil export windfall to assist Ghanaian consumers. 

"This administration has been a disgrace to the country. On Friday, Mr. Jinapor told the media that President Akufo-Addo should dissolve the Economic Management Team because it has failed to meet expectations.

"The currency rate - the dollar to cedi is trading at 8.5 Ghana cedi this morning," he added. The Ghanaian cedi today ranks last among major currencies in terms of performance. At the pump, diesel costs more than 40 cedis per gallon. That is the current economic scenario of Ghana. Workers, teachers, truck drivers, legislators, and market ladies are all suffering terribly." 

"When you get up today, you have no idea how you're going to make ends meet." Instead of waking up and thinking outside the box, we are told that the government has no control over global market prices. We now buy gasoline because of the cedi's depreciation.

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