My Mother and the Lady Passed Away Five Days After I Cheated On My Girlfriend - A Concerned Individual Seeks Assistance


A concerned guy has resorted to social media to tell the strange account of how his girlfriend, whom he believes of possessing evil abilities, murdered a woman with whom he had cheated on her. 

When he tried to break up with her, she utilized a devious means to get him fired from his work, according to the young man whose life has gone worse. 

My girlfriend is a witch, since the things she does are beyond comprehension. She has an odd way of behaving and saying strange things at times, but until lately, I had taken her for granted. I cheated on her with a woman from my workplace five days ago, and the lady is dying as we speak.

The next day, she was in a car accident on her way to work, and she died as a result. When I called my girlfriend to tell her about the catastrophe at work, all she responded was, "I killed her." I wasn't sure what she was getting at, so I called her later that day after work to ask her to clarify. That's when she revealed that she knows I had s3x with the lady the day before and that any woman I ever cheat on her with will only survive for three days.

I requested that we break up out of dread and conviction. She yelled violently that if I asked for a breakup, she would make me pay for cheating on her. I awoke around early to urinate this past Thursday, and when I turned on the light, the entire room appeared cloudy. I couldn't see anything, so I went outside to see whether it was the same. I live in a chamber and hall with porch, so the hall was foggy as well, as did the kitchen, but it wasn't foggy when I opened the door and glanced outside. I sensed the presence of another person in the room when I turned around.

I was afraid, so I quickly shut the door and stepped inside, only to discover my mother's picture on the floor. On the wall, I have a photograph of my mother and father. The fog had dissipated, so I hung the picture back up, went to the bathroom, and went back to sleep, only to receive a phone a few minutes later informing me that my mother had been rushed to the 37th military hospital. I drove as quickly as I could, but she was already dead when I arrived. 

That morning, I had the worst feeling I'd ever experienced in my life. I couldn't understand anything; I couldn't even cry because I was so perplexed.

I didn't remember what my girlfriend had said until I was driving back home after seeing to it that my mother's body had been deposited in the mortuary. I contacted her and told her she had murdered my mother. Instead of denying anything, she replied that if I had any evidence, I should come and arrest her. The next day (Friday), I lost my job, and when driving back, I was in an accident. My automobile was damaged, but I was not wounded. I believe this person is to blame for all of the disasters. I need your assistance before she does anything terrible to me. Thank you so much!"


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