Pastor Attempts To Take His Life, Says His Church Has Only 15 Members Since 2000 And He Can’t Pay His Rent Or Buy Food From The Offerings

Responders who witnessed a pentecostal church pastor attempting to hang himself in a tree with a rope and raised the alarm saved him from committing himself. 

The event occurred at Ben Wosley, Ada George, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, according to reports. 

Before he recovered consciousness, the rescuers and some police officers successfully removed the rope from his neck and poured water on him. 

Shortly after recovering consciousness, the pastor inquired about his wife and daughter, who were both crying excessively at the scene of the event. 

When interviewed, the unnamed preacher started yelling, "I'm exhausted!" 

He described the events that led to his decision as follows:

"I'm tired," he said. Allowing me to die is what you should do. Since I began my ministry in 2000, I have had no more than 15 members. You called me, and I've fasted, prayed, and done everything I can to ensure that my church flourishes. I went for evangelism, I went for morning call, I called for night vigil, I did everything I could to help my church grow." 

"My colleagues with whom I went to church school, they're doing well, their church has grown, and they're traveling abroad, whereas mine is not growing," he continued. I will hold a crusade, and I will not see any money to pay off my debts. Everything has been completed by myself. I can't even afford to pay my rent."

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