Power Book 2 Season 2: Tariq star reveals main similarity with Ghost 'Always finds a way'

POWER BOOK II season two may have come to an end but Tariq star made an interesting connection between his character and Ghost. Power Book II: Ghost is the most highly acclaimed spin-off to come from Starz’s Power franchise. The sequel followed Tariq St Patrick (played by Michael Rainey Jr) as he continued to balance his education and drug dealing following his father’s James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (Omari Hardwick) death. Actor Michael Rainey Jr spoke to express.co.uk and revealed the main similarity his character has with Ghost.

Throughout the spin-off, fans have watched as Tariq has had to navigate through difficulties without the support of his loved ones.

With his father dead, his mother Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) in witness protection he didn’t have anyone solid to lean on.

In season one, the teenager had to muster enough money to pay his mother’s legal fees while in this season he battled against his grandmother Estelle (Debbi Morgan) in court for custody of his younger sister Yaz (Amaya Carr).

Despite the tribulations on top of his college work, Michael Rainey Jr remarked Tariq was just like his father.

The actor shared: “You know Tariq, he's like Ghost, he always finds a way to handle what he has to handle.

“So obviously, whatever he has to do to make sure Yasmin is good, he's gonna make sure she's good.

Although Grandma Estelle always seemed to keep a cool head with Tariq and Yaz, it appeared to have become too much for her in season two.

“And obviously although grandma, she's kind of going through her things. 

He also wants to make sure she's good.”

Although Grandma Estelle always seemed to keep a cool head with Tariq and Yaz, it appeared to have become too much for her in season two.

After getting arrested for drunk driving, Yaz was placed in the foster care system which forced Tariq to work hard to regain custody of her.

This was much like his father who also led a double life as a drug distributor while playing the role of a successful businessman and hopeful politician.

Although he may not have been the best example to his son, Ghost did the crimes to ensure his family were secure and had opened a club with the hopes of becoming legit.

However, in the season six finale those dreams came to halt when he met his demise at the very club, falling off the balcony after being shot to death by Tariq.

While his death was confirmed in the show, fans remained convinced Ghost could make a shocking appearance in the spin-off.

During the conversation, Tariq also hinted at Ghost’s potential comeback when he stated: “He may not be with us anymore, but ghosts never die.”

Fans were also quick to notice how Ghost never showed up in Tariq's dream when he was confronted by the spirits of all the deaths he had caused.

While he was in his classroom being shouted at by all the deceased characters, Ghost was only hinted at on an incoming call.

Season two ended on a hopeful note as Tariq was able to take Yaz out of the foster care system and reunite her with Tasha.

Although he wasn’t allowed to speak to his mother he watched the joyful reunion from the car.

Thankfully for fans season three was confirmed and production is currently underway with an expected release date of Spring 2023.

Source: express UK

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