President Akufo Addo insists that the e-levy will significantly alleviate existing economic hardships.

The e-levy, according to Mr. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, will assist alleviate Ghana's enormous hardship. 

Ghanaians, according to Nana Addo, will soon perceive improvements in their lives. 

"Mr. Speaker, I am glad that the House has finally passed the E-levy Bill, despite the protracted and frequently acrimonious debate." Thank you to all members of the House who contributed to the passage of this levy. 

Mr. Speaker, we are in a difficult situation, but we have started on a good footing by acknowledging it and making the difficult choices that will bring us out. If we had any doubts about the importance of self-sufficiency before, we now have them. The Ghana Beyond Aid agenda has gained traction."

"I am confident that we can build the Ghana of our dreams. When COVID struck, I noticed a spirit of cooperation and mutual aid. We looked out for each other. "I experienced Ghana's entrepreneurial and innovative spirit." 

Our manufacturers quickly changed their operations to produce face masks as fashion products in addition to sanitizers.


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