Sad! Beautiful Ghanaian lady dies while giving birth to her first child; Baby also reported dead (Video)

Hmmm, life's suffering can be overwhelming at times — a lovely Ghanaian lady died while giving birth to her first child. 

According to reports on the internet, the deceased, identified as Louisa Akorfa Afenyah, died in the labor unit alongside her unborn child. 

The cause of her untimely death is unknown, but several brief films shot during her pregnancy have surfaced, with people expressing their grief. 

From the beginning of her pregnancy to the end, late Akorfa Afenyah was very strong and robust, as seen by the video. 

On Facebook, one of her close friends wrote:

“Akorfa please tell me the news I’m hearing is false oooo. My heart is bleeding ?????. Louisa Akorfa Afenya please wake up if you are sleeping ??”

Source: GHPAGE 

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