Stick to your broke boyfriends else they will use you for money rituals” – Man strongly warns greedy ladies agaisnt fraud boys [Video]

A young Ghanaian man has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to young ladies with high standards who prefer to date rich men whose sources of wealth remain a mystery.

According to Jonathan Agudah, who spoke in a video uploaded to TikTok, many of the young men struggling to make it in life are now resorting to money rituals to overcome their predicaments.

In doing so, he says these young men go to every length to sacrifice beautiful ladies in fulfilment of ritual demands – which has come to be known as ‘Sakawa’ – to become rich overnight.

He urged ladies to be content with their broke boyfriends who go out of their way to fulfil their needs and give them little to no monies they earn from their meagre income.

He warned that ladies who prefer to chase after men who drive in flashy cars and live extravagant lifestyles risk being used for ritual sacrifices with their lives cut short.

Speaking as a first witness to such an instance, he said a young lady was recently sacrificed by some of his cronies who will soon buy a G-Wagon to drive around.

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